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Hipchick.ram, Texan Diva

who am i? who cares? i'm just like you, enjoying this strange and infinite pasttime. why am i doing this? because it slows me down and speeds me up at the same time. or.....who knows? or.....who cares? maybe i'm just doing it because i can.

And Now..........

The Full Hope and Credit Big Band Jazz and Blues Rock and Soul Revue Orchestra

The name says it all.

But what’s a name without music?

The Full Hope and Credit Big Band is the answer to your prayers.

Trust us.

Our fully qualified musicians are your exclusive entre into a fabulous night of entertainment.

Led by a brilliant visionary who’s tried everything else, The Full Hope and Credit Big Band will go to any length to gain your adoration.

This band looks so good it doesn’t really need to play anything. In fact, this is negotiable.

But if it’s music you want, look no further than good old Full Hope and Credit.

We’ve got the lot.

Get in touch and spend some money on us. Spend lots and lots if you like. We’ll love you for as long as it lasts.

The Full Hope and Credit Big Band Jazz and Blues Rock and Soul Revue Orchestra.

The name says it all.

Ever thought about buying your favourite Band a collective sun tan?

Can’t afford to?

Havn’t got a favourite band?

Your troubles are over.

Kill two birds with one stone, or liberate two Dolphins simultaneously, and book The Full Hope and Credit Big Band Jazz and Blues Rock and Soul Revue Orchestra for your next Special Function.

The Name Says It All.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about The Full Hope and Glory Big Band Jazz and Blues Rock and soul Revue Orchestra.

Frequently asked question number one;

Can the band play Country and Western ?



Frequently asked question number two;

Can the Band play New York New York ?


It depends.

Another Frequently Asked Question;

Is it true that Danu, who sings and dances in the band, is the reincarnation of the jungle Goddess La Ra, guardian of the the ancient secrets of the long lost tribe of MaMo, who were famous for their special nut biscuits and a few outstanding sports stars?


No, Danu comes from Florida and wants to go back.


Why not book the Full Hope and Credit Big Band Blues and Jazz Rock and Soul Review Orchestra and find out?

Grab the ‘phone and ring now.

Tell your friends you’ve bought an adventure!

The Full Hope and Credit Big Band Blues and Jazz Rock and Soul Revue Orchestra.

The Name Says It All!

If you havn't worked it out already: you can click on some of the words in the above to hear Real Audio Samples!!!!
The band, which is actually called the Hipster, was recorded live at the Cargo Club by Nat LePage a couple of years ago.
The Hipster is still alive and well, and consists of whoever is around at the time brave enough, and possibly desperate enough, to play in the most musically chaotic ensemble imaginable.

I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do.

Players that night:

Sound:Nat LePage, James Sweeney

Guitar : Ricky

Drums : Harvey Albinger

Vocals : Darlene MacDonld

Percussion: Andy Rasheed

Bass : Narmon Tulsi

Tenor Sax : Peter Raidel

Sax : Lance Perriman

Players on the Country song "Never Be Free"

Sound:Nat Lepage, James Sweeney

Guitar :Ricky

Drums :Harvey Albinger

Guitar :Charlie Houlobek

Bass :Narmon Tulsi

Tenor Sax :Schmoe Elhay

Violin :James Sweeney

Cello :Jenny Smith

Vocals :Sarah

Recorded at the Exeter

To all the muso's involved in the Hipster; Howdy (insert your name here), thanks for turning up and playing so well the other night. Stay tuned for Hipster real audio updates and remember, you can reach me oh so easily by clicking here and writing a message.Pretty cool??Oh yesss!!!

Stay tuned for more music and photos of bands that I've worked in over the years, and let me knowwhat sort of music you're into. It's possible that the real audio files might not work so well. For this I apologize, the net isn't really up to some things just yet, and all I can say is do what I do: just keep trying. Thanks,


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