*   The New Island Story   *

One time, not long after we arrived, Harvey told me about being Islandized. It means if you stay too long you lose the plot and never leave. He sounded worried. The concept tempted me:

Harvey *banger* Albinger's night of triumph.... two golden coconut awards:
*best dressed* and *biggest animal*

From my Diary:
The longer Iím on the Island, the more I realize how together I am compared to everyone else. This is what Harvey told me the other night, when we were chatting drunkenly in the shut down and darkened staff bar.
I agreed with him.
Harvey had got the job as the sound man and lighting tech for the band, and I was the new guitarist.....................

At this stage we had been on the island for the better part of a year.
Neither of us felt the same confidence and comfort during our first weeks of island life, far from it!

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